Bristol invest in SEO, not another salesman. And we tell why.

Our SEO Bristol sales pitch – how we get our clients to see the benefits of SEO
June 5, 2015
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January 30, 2017

Bristol invest in SEO, not another salesman. And we tell why.

SEO vs Salesperson

Invest in SEO, not another salesman

Good SEO strategy will keep your website humming and it is the best sales person you could ever hire!

  • SEO, can make your website speak and be visible to every person in the world.

  • It will allow your site to be in a million places at the same time and answering each and every question posed to it by clients searches.

  • It never gets sick.

  • It is never late.

  • It never complains

  • It never stops working for you.

So, what I usually do before launching my SEO pitch to a client? I ask them whether they would ever consider hiring a person who can do all of the things that I mentioned above. The answer is always the same, well if I could find someone like that who would work for the money I can offer then sure, that would be fantastic.

I then replace the word of salesman with SEO, and repeat the pitch. Now the client starts to get it. SEO, is able to turn your website into the best salesman on the planet. The more money you can plow into SEO, the more ROI you can expect.

Therefore, if you spend, lets say, 1000 pounds per a month on SEO, which is an entry level sales reps salary (excluding extra costs of telephone calls and petrol and vehicle wear and tear…). This is also money you need to put on the table with absolutely no guarantee of ROI. You set your salesperson targets, but if they don’t hit them then you are still out of pocket. With SEO, it’s a fixed cost and you can expect a ROI of between 9 and 12 times in new business. If you double the figure spent on SEO, you can then double the expected ROI. There is a direct link to how much you spend and how much new business you can generate.

Obviously your spend needs to be in line with your ability to deliver.

But the fact is that any industry is quite comfortable with hiring a salesperson and paying them basic salaries and associated costs before any ROI is received. With SEO, you can be assured that you will get multiple times in new business the amount you spend on SEO.

I have seen my success rate increase dramatically by explaining SEO to my clients in the manner explained above.  SEO is powerful and if used correctly, will definitely grow your brand exponentially.

If you would like to know more about SEO or how we could help your company today with all its SEO needs, please do not hesitate to contact us today we do work with companies all over the world.

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